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June 2024

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Shape Young Minds with Music

Violin  and Piano Lessons

I have 27 years of experience teaching violin and piano to all levels of students!

Beginners to advanced students are welcomed

All ages can learn to play

I am now accepting new students!

piano and violin, beautiful together!


With a good foundation and regular practice, you can advance quickly!

4th Year Violin Student

Piano & Violin Students Advance Quickly

piano and violin

Russia is known to be one of the countries that produce some of the best pianists and violinist in the world.  If you are serious about the learning to play violin or piano, you must learn from the best!  Violin is often celebrated as the instrument sounding closest to the human voice, the violin has a special place in musical history The violin can be a difficult instrument.  In part this is due to having to manage separate disciplines for the left and right hands: while the left is fingering the notes, the right is using the bow to make the violin sound. The violin has been one of the most important of all instruments in classical music, for several reasons. The tone of the violin stands out above other instruments, making it appropriate for playing a melody line. In the hands of a good player, the violin is extremely agile, and can execute rapid and difficult sequences of notes. It takes a long time and practice to get that beautiful sound you hear on Tanya’s audio and video violin clips.  If you want to learn to play the violin it will be challenging and very rewarding!  When you have an excellent teacher like Tanya, you will be amazed at what you can achieve in a short time. In all cases you will need to practice at least three times a week, if not five days, and be persistent. Practice can be in as little as 10 minutes a day.  It is not how much you play as it is how often as you train your mind and body to be in harmony with the violin.

Learn to play Piano

Learn to play Piano

Learning to play Piano takes practice.  Like any skill or instrument, practice makes perfect!  The most important first step for a new student, wanting to learn to play piano is how to address the piano keys correctly.  like learning violin, the fundamentals are the cornerstone of  good progress! Learning to play piano is not difficult.  It just takes time, practice and patience!  Tanya will teach you the skills needed to advance your play, read music and music theory!

 Tatiana is accepting new students!   The violin is a difficult instrument to learn how to play.  If you develop bad habits at the beginning, they will carry through and restrict you from every achieving a high level of proficiency.  I will teach you in such a way that your skill level as you advance will only get better because you have the right foundation.  If you have been struggling and not getting the advancement you want, I can help.  An excellent teacher gives you excellent results.  I was trained by the best and now I want to share my violin knowledge with you!
Lesson rates are $30 for half hour lessons $45 for 45 minutes and $55 an hour for one hour lessons.  All lessons are in my home unless other arrangements are made.

My students are my joy!

Learn to Play Piano

Leslie is making great progress!

Leslie works hard and is making great progress!

3rd grade students with Russian Violinist
enrolling students
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