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July 2024

Tanya Ignatenko


Recent “Wedding Wire” Reviews


Maria Sandoval  08/12/2013

After the wedding, I didn’t get a chance to thank you.  My guest loved how you play violin!  It added the classy touch we wanted.  Again, Tatiana,  thank you so very much!

Olivia Arellano  07/09/13

I just wanted to send a thank you note for your services and help last weekend!  You were really fantastic and everyone loved your music!
We really appreciate you guys sharing in the special day!  Hope to cross paths again!

Maxine Abellanosa 01/14/13

Tatiana, thank you so much for being part of our day.  I made sure to stop and listen to the music.  I’ve heard so many brides say that they’re so nervous they never even hear the music. The Music was beautiful and just added so much to our day.  I hope you weren’t too cold! :).

Luiz Oliveia, Sambalatte Torrefazione 1.2.13

We are very fortunate to have Tatiana play for us on weekends. She adds a magic touch of class to the environment.

Kevin Nicolson 12/29/12

Terry, Finally getting a chance to go through emails, and we both wanted to thank you for everything you did.  Your level of service was exceptional, and really made our decision to choose Tatiana an easy one.  Everything worked out great.  Thanks so much, and we’ll definitely be putting up a great review for Tanya on Wedding Wire in another email.

Roxanne Gutierrez

10/12/12    Hello Terry-

I’m so sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, Please forgive me! I actually have been meaning to contact you and your Gorgeous wife to let you know that She did the most Awesome job……So many compliments from family and friends at my daughter Shawna’s wedding. Your wife was such a great addition to my daughters Big day. You can bet we will be recommending your wife for all occasions. Thanks again and please share this with The Star.

Stacey Milner
05/12/12  Tanya, my brides love you.  You are always a hit!  You are welcome to play at Rhodes Ranch Golf Club anytime.  We all enjoy you here!

With God’s blessing and my prayers. In His Service,
Father Krier
01.08.12  Terry, Thank you for the pictures. I will definitely recommend the families contacting you for those having weddings or Quinceaneras

Rachael Green
11.28.11   Hi Terry!  I just wanted to say thank you to Tanya and let her know how much I enjoyed her playing at my wedding.  I am sorry I didn’t get to thank her personally on my wedding day, but I wanted her to know that she helped make it special, and that my guests really enjoyed it!

Debbie Modoraski
10/21/2011    WOW! You blew away our guests with your violin playing.  Thank you for making our party so special.  BTW you should get some CD disks recorded to sell or give away.  Deb

Julie Springer
9/11/2011   Tatiana – We thank you for playing for us yesterday at Bellagio. Our amazing wedding was so much more thanks to your beautiful violin. I took violin in school – I wish I could play half as good as you! Tell Terry thank you for his help. You both were wonderful! Our best of luck to you. Julie

Tammy Jupello
8/1/2011 Our wedding this weekend was magical, thanks to you”! My other sister is getting married in Oct. After hearing you play at our wedding this weekend, she wants you to play violin at their wedding too! Can we get family discount? LOL

Alina Perkins
7/26/2011 Thank you so much for playing at our wedding! The ceremony was so sweet and tender because you added the special touch! Your music is amazing.
best wishes, Alina

Steven Deaner
7/7/2011 Tanya… Your music made our wedding the very best! Thank you so much for everything. Your passion and selection of music was perfect! You were the hit of the evening with everyone. Thanks again and best of luck. You are fantastic!   Steve and Sue

Brianna Deal
5/1/2011   Hi Tanya! We are getting married at the Artisan Hotel Boutique on September 10th, 2011 and we want to have a violin playing for the ceremony. I have a couple songs in mind. We would only need you for about a half hour – from 6 to 6:30 pm- can you please let me know if you are interested and available for that date and time.   Thanks in advance!!

What a wonderful world Tanya

Latin Wedding

I played violin at small Catholic Church

I must tell you… This was one of the best weddings!  I nothing understand, everything in Latin and Spanish but the bride was beautiful and the church was full!

The priest, Father Krier has a wonderful church and is director of St Joseph’s Catholic Church.  He made me feel right at home and helped me when I was suppose to play.

The bride and groom were so happy.  I have a great business when I get to join in a celebration of joy with good people like these.

2012 New Year’s Eve Party

Celebrating New Years Eve in Las Vegas is fantistic!

Last New Year, at midnight my husband proposed to me in Russian!  He does not know how to speak Russian but he tries!  Instead of saying, “Would you marry me?” he said in Russian, ? I want to marry me!”  I laughed and how could I say no to him.  He so tried. 

This year, I played New Year’s Eve at a local Russian Restaurant.  It was so much fun.  My Countrymen know how to have a good time.  New Year is one of our biggest holidays in Russia.  Fireworks in Las Vegas was spectacular.  After I played violin at restaurant, My lovely husband, Terry and I  got together with good friends and brought 2012 in together.  Fantastic!

As the Las Vegas Violinist, I get to meet such nice people here in America.  Thank you for allowing me to play for you!

Snovim Godom!  (Happy New Year!)

Nov 18th Charity Event

I preformed at the Four Seasons Hotel Nov 18th, 2011 on behalf of the Down Syndrome Organization.  A wonderful event for such a worthy cause. 

           "Tidings of Joy

   A Season of Hope and Celebration" 

to benefit the "Down Syndrome Organization"

of Southern Nevada 

Friday – November 18, 2011

The Four Seasons Hotel, Las Vegas


Private Dinner Party

Chef's Table

I was lucky enough to be invited to play a special dinner party last Saturday at Peggy's beautiful home. 

The theme of the party was French, so of course I played the wandering violin player, playing mostly French music. 

It was so much fun and everyone so liked my music! 

All of the food looked so good and Peggy paid attention to every detail to make the event spectacular.

Jewish Wedding at Rhodes Ranch

     Well it was an ideal setting

Beautiful Rhodes Ranch, lovely bride and handsome groom.  I so enjoyed the location.

It was my first Jewish Wedding and the ceremony was wonderful.

I played “Unchained Melody” as the procession came to the chuppah and “Wonderful World” at the end.

Beautiful Muslim Wedding

Yesterday I had the privlidge of playing at a Muslim Wedding at Vinters Grill in Las Vegas. 

The wedding was outside on the patio with about 70 guests. 

I thought the women and especially the bride, looked so beautiful!  I played Latkias theme from Slumdog Millionaire as the bride walked down the aisle. 

I so liked this wedding and the handsome men too, moma mia!

Ensemble Group

Fun Time with Good Musicians

I had so much fun last night!  Our ensemble group of about 8 musicians preformed for family and friends at a local soiree. 

The weather was great and the music was beautiful.  I got to meet some great people and one very special lady who has performed on stage in Vegas for years.  She was so charming and liked my violin. 

I hope I made some new friends and get to play for them in the future.  We have a charity event  coming up in November the group will play for too!

My Biggest ‘Little’ Fan






Two Afganistan War Veterans Marry

I played a lovely wedding at "Wellington Place".  The bride was beautiful and everyone so nice in their outfits.  I played old song, "At Last" at ceremony. 

 I had one little boy that followed me everywhere I went.  So for my little fan I played special for him.  His suit matched the Groom and he was so handsome and charming. 

Maybe someday I play at HIS wedding!

Holidays approaching

I am so excited, as the holidays approach.  I am getting new gigs and look forward to performing for American celebrations!


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