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December 2023


Tanya plays parties, corporate events and weddings. We have duets, trios and quartets too!

I am finally back home!

I have had a difficult time taking care of my handcapped daughter and finally got her home from Boston!

I missed everyone.  My website needs a refresh.. Soon!!

Difficult time for my Countrymen

With Putin invading Ukraine, war and misery have come to the Ukrainian and Russian people.  Nobody but Putin wanted this war.  Don’t blame the Russian people.  Support the citizens of Ukraine and Russia in their terrible time of need.

Please Stay Safe

These are such troubling times for everyone!

It is important to wear a mask and limit your social interactions.  We would love to be part of your special events but we are being very careful to adhere to the guidelines set up for Nevada businesses.  Call us to discuss if you are interested!

Summer is Coming!

What is not to love about our mild winters!  Compared to many parts of the country, we have nearly ideal weather.  Las Vegas gets a lot of “Snow Birds” who come here to escape the harsh winters back home.

Right now the whole country is dealing with the latest epidemic, Coronavirus.  This is serious of course and you have to be vigilant, wash your hands and minimize your contact with others who might be showing signs of infection.

The wedding industry of Las Vegas is starting the busy wedding season that is busy the most in the spring and fall.  Summers are hot here and the majority of weddings during the summer are indoor events.

If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to me and I am here to answer your questions!



I am back from Russia

Russia, this time of year, is beautiful.  Most Russians, if they have a Dacha, are busy harvesting their gardens and canning fruit and vegatables for the winter.  Almost 35% of all Russians have a Dacha.

These Dachas are like little second homes.  Some are very grand but most are simple dwellings surrounded by the garden area.  As Russians, we look forward to spending time at the Dacha in the summer time.

It is not all hard work and no play.  Friends and family gather. We eat, drink and catch up on the local gossip.  It is fresh air, good food, visiting friends, family and hard work before winter comes.  All the things we look forward to each summer!

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I am so excited!

I am so excited!  I am planning my trip back to Russia on July 10th to see visit my motherland.   It has been two years since I was last there.  I have so many friends, former students and colleagues to visit.

I love living in the United States but going back to the country I was born in, is always special.

My home town, beautiful Vologda was founded nearly 900 years ago.  Vologda is halfway between St Petersburg and Moscow with a population of about 420,000.

One of the things my city is known for is its famous butter.  I can even buy it in specialty stores in Las Vegas!

Wedding season is almost here!

Las Vegas is considered the wedding capital of the world.  We host more than 35,000 weddings a year.  If you can dream it, we can make it happen.  One of the joys for us is the variety and diverse atmosphere we experience, playing weddings.  Weddings on a bridge over the lake to simple two-person weddings exchanging vows.

We have had the pleasure of participating in grand weddings to magnificent simple weddings.  No matter how you are choosing to stage your wedding, adding violin is the special touch you will remember and cherish for a long time.  Call us and let us be part of your dream wedding!  (702) 682-5202

Lovely outdoor wedding

New Year, New Opportunities!

We have a great tradition in that every year we make New Year Resolutions!  Lose weight, find love, get a new job or learn to play a musical instrument, to name a few!

Well we can’t help you lose weight or get a new job, but we can help you learn to play a musical instrument and maybe even find a new love!   Tatiana teaches violin and piano.  Students range in age from 5 years to 68 years old.  This is a great way to expand your mental capacity and manage discipline.

There is such a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when you see the progress you are making!  Contact us today and let’s get you or your child started on the path to learning to play a musical instrument!


Piano & Violin Students Advance Quickly


Is it Hard to Learn to Play Violin as an Adult?

I have been asked, How hard is it to start to play violin as an adult?

You might have heard the violin is the  most difficult instrument to play…

The wonderful, Itzhak Perlman

However, if you start to play the violin and put in the work, you can get beautiful results a an adult beginner!

Learning music can be compared to learning a language.  It takes time and practice

As an adult you are used to learning things. Your memory works better, you analyze things better and you can comprehend things.  You are far more developed than a child in many areas. Besides that you have already learned another language being your mother tongue. The same way you can learn to speak a language, you can learn to play music. 

Will it be hard or difficult? Yes, absolutely!

Bowed instruments are difficult to learn. They are very complex and sensitive instruments, so it takes a lot of good quality lessons and good quality practice to be able to play some simple tunes beautifully and achieve the realistic goal described above.

Are you committed to do what it takes? Is your goal realistic? Is the time path to achieve this goal realistic? If so, you will be able to succeed!

Contact me if you have a desire to learn.  Put my 27 years of teaching both violin and piano to work for you.  I can help you achieve the success you desire!

Tatiana 702-682-5202



The influence of violin music on society

It is believed that the discipline of learning to play violin contributes to people’s cognitive function.  You want to improve your brain power? Learn to play violin!

The influence of music on society can be clearly seen from modern history. Music helped Thomas Jefferson write the Declaration of Independence. When he could not figure out the right wording for a certain part, he would play his violin to help him. The music helped him get the words from his brain onto the paper.

Albert Einstein is recognized as one of the smartest men who ever lived. When Einstein was young, he did extremely poorly in school. His grade school teachers told his parents to take him out of school because he was “too stupid to learn” and it would be a waste of resources for the school to invest time and energy in his education. The school suggested that his parents get Albert an easy, manual labor job as soon as they could. His mother did not think that Albert was “stupid”. Instead of following the school’s advice, Albert’s parents bought him a violin. Albert became good at the violin. Music was the key that helped Albert Einstein become one of the smartest men who has ever lived. Einstein himself says that the reason he was so smart is because he played the violin.


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