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Wedding Costs are Spiraling

I am fortunate to be a part of many beautiful weddings.

Recent article in “The Knot” talks about how expensive weddings have become.  The average wedding 12 years ago was about $16,000.  Today, the average wedding is $35,000!  I certainly understand what a BIG day this is and how everything should be just right to memorialize this moment for ever.  However, if you have to go into debt to finance your wedding, perhaps this is not the best way to start a marriage.

Here are some tips you might want to consider if you want a beautiful wedding without spending a fortune.

  • 1.  Set a realistic budget and stick to it.

  • 2.  Give yourself a lot of time to plan your wedding.  There is a lot of preparation and coordination neccessary

  • 3.  You are going to wear that beautiful wedding dress one time.  Does it have to cost $3,000?  There are a lot of places where you can find wedding dressses inexpensively.  A bride we recently met had a full length dazzling beaded wedding gown and looked like a million bucks.  She bought the wedding dress at Savers for $250.00.

  • 4.  DJ, Ceremony Music, Photographers, Videographers – all wonderful to have but shop around.  The cheapest is not always the best but be sure you are getting what you are going to pay for.

  • 5.  Wedding Planner.  A wedding planner sure can make things easier and help you plan the perfect wedding.  Maybe you have a girlfriend that would do this for you and you can compensate her for her efforts.  Who knows what you like better than her!

  • 6.  Bridemaids and Groomsmen  Matching outfits and coordinated colors to match the wedding theme.  How many… etc.  It is difficult because you want all your besties to be in the wedding, but dont go broke trying to include everyone.  We were recently at a wedding with 9 bridesmaids and groomsmen.  Dont forget you have to buy a gift for all of these people.

  • 7.  Venue is an important consideration as it is the backdrop to your wedding.  I have seen simple weddings in the mountains to lavish weddings at the Bellagio.  know what is most important to you and spend your money there and skimp a little in the other areas.

  • 8.  Cocktail hour and Reception.  Cocktail hour is important for your guests while you have photos taken to capture this perfect event.  Don’t offer Open Bar.  Reception dinner is always a nice touch and fun for everyone – if it is in your budget.   If not, consider a more relaxed venue and appetizers.

  • 9.  How big is your wedding invitation list?  Do you really need to invite aunt Beth that you haven’t seen or talked to in 8 years.  The size of your wedding is greatly going to dictate the cost of your wedding.  Typically we see 20 to 35 guests.  Some are 120 to 250 guests.  Depends on your budget.

  • 10.  Honeymoon.  I have seen wedding couples spend so much on their wedding that they cant afford the honeymoon they wanted.  This is a shame.  The wedding lasts 20 minutes and 4 hours or so –  your special day with your family and friends is over.  A nice honeymoon goes on for days and can cement the new journey you and your spouse have set upon together.

Weddings are about commitment and memories.  Make yours realistic and memorial.

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