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Learning to Play Violin

From Jazz, Blues, Country to Classical music, you will find the influences of the violin

The Violin is one of the most beautiful and versatile instruments you can learn to play.  

Violin has it origin in Classical music and great composers like Paganini,Bach and Dvorak, to name just three, composed and performed beautiful  violin music. The violin has been around for over five centuries, and the instrument continues to draw some of the greatest talents from around the world.  Today we have the genius of Itzahk Perlman, Joshua Bell and modern day artists like Vanessa May, David Garrett and popular Lindsey Sterling.

Learning to play violin takes dedication and practice.  A property foundation is essential if you want to be proficient with this instrument.  Lots of practice and you will see the reward of being able to play a variety of music to fit your musical taste and delight your audiences!

Just because someone knows how to play violin, doesn't mean they know how to teach violin!  This is two different skill sets.  Too often we get students who have played violin for two or three years and have developed bad habits and have not advanced as they should.  Once these bad habits are corrected, it is impressive how a dedicated student can move forward.

Tatiana has taught violin and piano for years at Russian University before coming to the United States.  Her teaching skill gives her students a leg up and a faster path to learning to play violin  than most other teachers.  

If you are interested, call Tatiana, make an appointment and be prepared to be impressed! (702) 769-7685






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