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The Value of Live Musicians for Your Wedding

Many times a wedding couple, planning out their wedding, tries to decide whether to have live music played during their ceremony.  If your budget allows it, it is an excellent choice and here is why:  As the bride does last minute preparations for this most important day, guests are arriving.  Tatiana plays as guests arrive to be seated.  This varies as to whether the bride is on time or not.  (Usually not)  Everyone is nervous and violin music sets the tone for the upcoming grand event and calms everyone who is excited.

The violin music during the ceremony can vary according the wedding parties taste.  As the bride walks down the isle towards the altar, all eyes are on her.  This music is the most important music of the ceremony as it sets the mood of the walk.  The wedding music is complimentory to the ceremony and adds a certain romantic elegance to this special affair.  Of course, as the wedding ends with the couple now being proclaimed Husband and Wife, Music announces the celebration of the union and is of a joyous nature as wedding party depart.

Wedding photos always include the violinist as part of the memory package and the time and music will always be with you in photos and videos for years to come.

The musician has a lot of preparation to do before the ceremony.  We must first make sure that all of the wedding details are understood.  If the wedding couple are going to decide their music, this must take place to give the musicians time to make sure they have their music in order, to buy new music as needed and the chance to practice the music to make sure it is just right for the big day.

There is usually 4 to 8 hours of preplanning and preparation, in addition to the ceremony itself, that are required to make sure everything is just right before the ceremony.

As with other events, planning and preparation are the keys to successful implementaion.  We do our best to insure that everything will be perfect for such an important day!

Just part of the preparation of a professional musician for a gig.

Just part of the preparation of a professional musician for a gig.



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