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Why is Live Music so Special for your Event?

In this day of “Canned Music” you don’t encounter a lot of live musicians, especially live musicians performing music you chose and whose sole purpose is to make your day special and exactly as you want it. Your wedding, party or event is a special day, maybe the most special day in your life, and there is nothing more ceremonious or celebratory than live music.

Weddings: We live in a digital world, and I love that. But let’s not pretend that your iPod and your buddy who is “good with technology” is the best course of action when it comes to you or your beloved walking down the aisle.

There are people like me, who have spent their entire lives studying and performing music.  I hold a Master’s degree from Russian Leningrad Conservatory in music and violin and taught Violin and music at Russian University. I performed all over Europe, the United States and Russia for many years before making Las Vegas my home.

Not only is live music for your event more elegant , a live musician can adapt when the flower girl gets distracted and messes up the timing of your processional and who can add a tasteful “grand pause” for your officiate to say, “Please Rise,” just before you or your betrothed make your way down the aisle.

Private Parties and Special Events:  Nothing says class and elegance more than live music.  Anybody can play a radio and while there are many talented DJ’s, they did not spend 20 years to learn to be one of the best and I have done.  It is important to not only be a good musician but to know your audience.  I try to capture the mood of the audience and get them involved.  As a strolling violinist with backtrack I can take music and personalize it for the individual.  Real people who you can make eye contact with when you’re playing music like Halva Neglia or Canon in D.

If you think you’re better off with a DJ because live musicians such as a soloist, duet or trio are limited in what they can do, you’re just not finding the right musicians. Keep in mind, you’re not going to need more than ten to fifteen songs per hour, so any good musician such as me with a sizeable repertoire should be able to give you enough songs you will love, and remember.

Live music gives your guest a unique experience, live music, up front and personal by a talented performer.  This is something everyone will remember and thank you for.

If you hire me, I prepare a completely unique performance just for you and guests!  You can hire the rest or you can hire the best!

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