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January 2015

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Playing for my Senior Guests

I love playing violin for my senior citizen guests!

I am honored to be invited to play at several retirement homes and assisted living facilities. I love playing these venues because the guest are so appreciative. I play old tunes, some are American songs like “Moon River” or “I Did it My Way” but also European favorites. It not only gives the guests a chance to enjoy music of a much younger and earlier time in their lives but a chance for me to make a personal connection with wonderful people who enjoy good music.

There is something about the classics that never gets old.  If you have a group that might be interested in having me play for them, I would love the chance to put a smile on their faces and a song in their heart. I am including a sample of music that I play for my fans!

If you have a venue that you would like me to play for, call me at (702) 682-5202


3 Boston Concerts Played

Boston WinterBoston is such a wonderful city.  I was asked to play a series of small concerts while visiting both of my daughters that live in Boston.  A tour of the city was very interesting to me, so much different from Las Vegas.  I enjoyed the architecture and culture of the Boston area.

It was cold there!  But I liked it.  I was reminded of winters spent is my city of Vologda in Russia.

The concerts were so much fun.  A lot of Eastern European people came to hear me perform so I played a variety of European music and old Russian Classics.  I noticed that as I went from one venue to another to play, some of the people I saw in the previous concert came again to see me!  I am glad they enjoyed my music!

Boston Concert



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