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November 2012

Monthly Archives: November 2012

Sambalatte – the “In Spot” 1pm to 3pm Sat & Sun

I now play most Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 1pm to 3pm at the European style  “Sambalatte Caffee Lounge & Expresso Bar” in Boca Park on Rampart Blvd.

Stop in and introduce yourself to Luise the owner.  He and his staff make not only the best coffee in town, but the tastiest treats!  I am always interested in meeting fans of violin music, so come and introduce yourself!

The ambiance of the place is further enhanced, from time to time, with live music by other local talented musicians, including me!  Check this place out, it is laid back, classy, but with old world charm. 

SambulatteDelicious pastries


Tanya Plays Before Large Audience!

 Playing on stage before a large audience is always a bit nerve racking!

I was fortunate to be asked to perform before a large group of doctors from all over the world in Las Vegas to attend a conference on emergency medical treatments.  The day before I am at the convention center getting prepared as they set up the venue for the next day!

Getting ready for the big day!

Tatiana Prepares for Stage Performance

 You are on in 40 seconds!

I arrived 30 minutes before my scheduled performance and sat down.  Someone came up to me and said " You are on in 40 seconds!  WHAT?  They changed the schedule around without telling me and I immediately had to go on stage and perform!

Playing before a wonderful crowd of appreciative fans




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