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June 2012

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Beautiful Indian Wedding

Indian Wedding

I saw some of the most beautiful women in some of the finest dresses ever!  WOW

It was just too hot outside for everyone!






Hot Weather has Come Early

Summer is Here!

Coming from the north of Russia where it is usually cool, I can not believe how hot it can get this time of year here!

Outdoor weddings are very popular here and we have some beautiful places to host the marriage ceremony.  If possible, select somewhere or make arrangements for there to be some shade for your guests!  I played at a very beautiful wedding recently where you could see there was every attention to detail.  The chairs were decorated, the alter was beautiful with a canopy and fresh flowers and rose pedals lined the path.  The only problem was the wedding was at 4pm outdoors where there was absolutlely no shade anywhere.  It was 107 degrees out and even sitting on the chairs was hot.

While the wedding ceremony usually lasts 30 to 40 minutes, the guest start to arrive and be seated 30 minutes before the ceremony. So that means your guest will sit in the hot sun, unprotected for over an hours with no shade and no water.  I was so hot, my husband brought me water and a hat!

This is just a small detail as you plan you Las Vegas summer wedding to consider.  It was funny, I think some of the guests beat the bride and groom away after the ceremony!  Usually there are a lot of pictures taken after the wedding and you want to be comfortable as well as gorgeous for the pictures.

One wedding I played for recently, had a good idea!  They placed small hand fans on each chair for their guests and had a water stand nearby where people could get a drink of cold water.


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