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October 2011

Monthly Archives: October 2011

Jewish Wedding at Rhodes Ranch

     Well it was an ideal setting

Beautiful Rhodes Ranch, lovely bride and handsome groom.  I so enjoyed the location.

It was my first Jewish Wedding and the ceremony was wonderful.

I played “Unchained Melody” as the procession came to the chuppah and “Wonderful World” at the end.

Beautiful Muslim Wedding

Yesterday I had the privlidge of playing at a Muslim Wedding at Vinters Grill in Las Vegas. 

The wedding was outside on the patio with about 70 guests. 

I thought the women and especially the bride, looked so beautiful!  I played Latkias theme from Slumdog Millionaire as the bride walked down the aisle. 

I so liked this wedding and the handsome men too, moma mia!

Ensemble Group

Fun Time with Good Musicians

I had so much fun last night!  Our ensemble group of about 8 musicians preformed for family and friends at a local soiree. 

The weather was great and the music was beautiful.  I got to meet some great people and one very special lady who has performed on stage in Vegas for years.  She was so charming and liked my violin. 

I hope I made some new friends and get to play for them in the future.  We have a charity event  coming up in November the group will play for too!

My Biggest ‘Little’ Fan






Two Afganistan War Veterans Marry

I played a lovely wedding at "Wellington Place".  The bride was beautiful and everyone so nice in their outfits.  I played old song, "At Last" at ceremony. 

 I had one little boy that followed me everywhere I went.  So for my little fan I played special for him.  His suit matched the Groom and he was so handsome and charming. 

Maybe someday I play at HIS wedding!

Holidays approaching

I am so excited, as the holidays approach.  I am getting new gigs and look forward to performing for American celebrations!


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