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June 2021

Russian violinist

Practice Makes Perfect

In addition to taking violin or piano lessons, I always try to reinforce with my students, that they must set aside time every day to practice.  I have been playing violin for many years and yet rarely does a day go by that I don’t pick up my violin and play.

Here is a short video of one of my talented students that has worked hard and her hard work shows!

Latin Wedding

I played violin at small Catholic Church

I must tell you… This was one of the best weddings!  I nothing understand, everything in Latin and Spanish but the bride was beautiful and the church was full!

The priest, Father Krier has a wonderful church and is director of St Joseph’s Catholic Church.  He made me feel right at home and helped me when I was suppose to play.

The bride and groom were so happy.  I have a great business when I get to join in a celebration of joy with good people like these.

New Years Eve Party

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of my fans, friends and supporters!

  'S Rozhdestvom!'.

I am new here and now living in America.  Everyone has been so kind and helpful to me.  I appreciate!  I have had pleasure to play for some very nice people and make new friends. 

For New Years Eve, I will play violin for guests at  TVERSKAYA RUSSIAN RESTAURANT.  It will be a great Russian party for sure! 

Everyone is encourgaged to come and enjoy wonderful Russian food and of course, great music!


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