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Duets, Trios and Quartets

I am fortunate to work with some very talented Las Vegas musicians

Interested in a Duet, Trio or Quartet?

We have a selection of beautiful music we can play for you!
  In addition to Solo Violinist, we can arrange to play as a Duet, Trio or Quartet

I want to showcase some of my friends that I play together with. From time to time I get asked if I can play with pianist and/or cellist . The skill level of musicians playing together sounds the best when they match.  I like to play with only the best! If you are interested in hiring a duet, trio quartet or ensemble for your next event, check with me first.  I know some of the best musicians and we can play for you! violinist, string duo, trio, pianist, quartet or quartet for your wedding, party or special event performed by professional musicians

Ensemble Description/Notes
A violin or other soloist, can be played solo or with piano or organ accompaniment. Also available a capella for outdoor events, fanfares, funerals, etc.
Violin and Cello is a classic combination. Pair the Violin with  Piano or Cello and you have musical magic
Violin, Cello and Viola or Violin,  Cello andPiano. These are classic ensembles and works very well for outdoor weddings, events, and more.
Violin, 2nd Violin, Viola and Cello. Sounds like a much fuller ensemble and really fills a church or indoor assembly.  For an outdoor wedding ceremony or event.

Outdoor wedding with Quartet


String Quartet

Our Talented Musicians!


Cello and Violin Duet

Piano Violin Duet

Piano Violin Duet

Piano Violin Duet

We love to play weddings and parties!

Create Wedding Magic

Creating Wedding Magic



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