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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Someone Very Special

Do you have someone special in your life!

This someone “Special” can be anyone you love and admire and someone who makes you happy that this person is in your life.  It can be a sibling, a parent, a boyfriend, girlfriend. secret friend.  It may be your wife or husband.  No matter who it is, this is the time of year when you have a chance to acknowledge how special they are to you!

In my early days of growing up, it was my grandmother that I usually honored on Valentines Day.  She sacrificed to put a roof over my head and to be sure there was enough food of the table.  As I got older, other people came into my life to influence my thinking.

I think Valentines Day is more than just flowers and candy.  I think it should be a time of reflection to acknowledge all the love others have shown you and a chance for you to review how other people have come into your life to impact it in a meaningful way!

Happy Valentines day





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