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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Valentines Day, Day of Love

Valentine’s Day is a Special Day

This is a popular wedding day of course.  We are busy this day with parties and a proposal.  While we should be expressing our love to the special people in our lives more often than just Valentine’s Day,  it is wonderful that we have a day specially dedicated to lovers!

I met and married my husband in January, five years ago when I moved to America.  He has always been a big supporter and fan of mine and an important part of my success as a Violinist here in Las Vegas.  Our marriage is not only filled with love, but it is a successful partnership that supports my passion for playing violin and entertaining guests.  I feel that I could not have the success in Las vegas that I enjoy today as an entertainer if Terry was not part of my team.

So this day of love, Valentine’s Day, I say to my husband, Thank you Darling for your love and support and I am happy we are such good team together!

Tanya and Terry



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