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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Vologda, Russia

One of Vologda's beautifu churches next to the Kremlin.

One of Vologda’s beautiful churches, next to the Kremlin.

I am on vacation in my beautiful Vologda.  This is such a nice time of the year to visit my city.  Warm summer rain, the smell of the forest and a chance to catch up on gossip with old friends!Life is improving in Russia.  People are making good money now,  the streets are cleaner, old buildings are being replaced by new ones, everyone is more polite and no smoking anywhere, even the parks!

I have a small apartment I own near the downtown, centrally located and close to everything.  I am only a couple of blocks away from the Kremlin and the beautiful church next to it.

While I am here, I have been invited to perform locally including an invitation to play at a new bridge dedication near Moscow where there will be many dignitaries, including Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev attending!


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